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Hillside Honey is a family and veteran owned bee farm located in Kansas. We offer local raw unfiltered honey, infused and creamed honey, and a whole host of personal care products. We small batch and hand make all of our lotion bars, lip balms, hand creams, salves, deodorants and other skin care products using beeswax from our own beehives. Our bees forage on wildflowers on pastures and lands along the Missouri River from Leavenworth, Kansas to Atchison, Kansas.

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Looking for our Honey during the Winter?

Our Honey products are available online through our Etsy store, a variety of local retail locations

as well as a weekly winter delivery to HayMarket Square in downtown Leavenworth!

Beekeeping Tours Now Open

Come tour our apiary and learn about beekeeping! Get an up close and personal look at life and work of the beekeeper and the honeybee. Tours begin in late April and last all summer, but it’s first-come first-serve, so make your reservations now.

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Old School Charm

We are located in a revived old rural High school with plenty of old school charm! 

Come see for yourself!  Open every year Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend, Thursday-Saturday

Our Apologies, the Apiary will close for the season from November 1st-April 8th, 2020.

We open for the 2020 season Thursday, April 9th!

Please visit our Etsy store, our Retail locations or subscribe to our weekly delivery to HayMarket Square in downtown Leavenworth throughout the winter by emailing us.

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FREE Bee Swarm Removal

FREE Bee Swarm Removal

Did you find a Bee swarm? Call us now! (913) 773-0157 or text (913) 547-1720

We do free Honeybee swarm removal throughout the northern Leavenworth county area, including Leavenworth, Fort Leavenworth, Lansing, Easton and beyond.

Let us come collect them free of charge, so the bees can keep doing their work without bothering you.

Request Bee Removal

Need Beekeeper Equipment?

Need Beekeeper Equipment?

We have an area in the store dedicated to the Beekeeper. We have many of your tool and equipment needs including

Smokers, Hive tools, frames and boxes, foundation, Bee treatments and more.

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Beekeeping Mentors & Clubs

Beekeeping Mentors & Clubs

This fella is Grandpa! He started the passion for bees many years ago.

It was mentors like him that got us started and passionate about honeybees.

If you need a mentor, check out:

Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers Association (NEKBA.ORG) for Kansas and

Midwestern Beekeepers Assocation (midwesternbeekeepers.org) for Missouri.

Kansas Club Missouri Club